Thursday, February 5, 2015

Winter Views from the kitchen window

Icy rhododendrons

We weathered the storms without particular difficulty.  Nico got a couple of days off school because the roads were bad and the wind chills brutal, but our power stayed on.

The birds and squirrels have eaten their way through the first 50 lb. bag of sunflower seeds and are well into the second.  Shaggy-coated deer and a flock of turkeys come to glean beneath the feeders.

It's a difficult time of year and I don't begrudge any of the creatures their bit of seed.  

A white-tailed deer returns though I yelled at her to leave my cherry tree alone.
A white breasted nuthatch eyes me from the maple tree.
A downy woodpecker pauses at the suet feeder as a Carolina wren works the other side
A young Cooper's hawk hunts songbirds
Flower heads
Turkeys tidy up the birdseed in the cold, early morning gloom.