Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The milkweed is taking over the red raspberry patch.  

Red and black milkweed beetles chew the leaves.  

Monica says it's a good year for milkweed everywhere, so maybe it's a temporary ascendancy.  
Honeybees and bumblebees buzz the globish blossoms. 

No signs of monarch or tussock moth caterpillars, yet.  
A cicada-killing wasp weighted down the flowers of one, but flew off angrily when I looked too close.  
Nico and I waded in after red raspberries. 


A pair of housewrens complained from the quince.  The berries weren't very sweet.  Not as sweet as the black raspberries that grow all around the property.  

Maybe they need a few more hot days.  We'll see how many the catbirds leave us.