Saturday, January 21, 2012


Chipping sparrow surveys the scene.

The snow began falling before dawn in a cold, sleety curtain.  The browns and grays of our view into the forest changed to white and steel.  Now the gray sky is whirling toward us as a storm of feather down.

The outdoorsy son, Porter, is wandering in it, testing the too-cold crystals for sledding and snowballability.  The indoorsy son, Nico, is on his computer.  "I'll go out after lunch," he declares.

Black-capped chickadee.
At the dangling bird feeders the squirrels have vanished into the pines, made nervous by Porter's occasional appearances.  Woodpeckers, juncos, titmice, jays, chickadees, and a lone fox sparrow take their place quickly.  The doves are waiting somewhere all puffed up -- waiting like Nico for the snow to stop falling.