Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The boys had two weeks off from school in March, and my father and mother had invited them to go on a trip together with their aunt Chris to Quito and the Galapagos.  Monica and I are saving our travel budget to go to Colombia in June, so we weren't intending to go.  We'd do a little trip to New Orleans instead.

But February 14, three weeks before the trip, someone ran a red light as my dad was making a left turn and they slammed into him.  The collision left him with a broken leg, a broken collar bone and a couple of cracked vertebrae.  A couple of surgeries at the Hershey Medical Center and he graduated to the rehabilitation hospital, where he was making quick progress.

But obviously the trip was out of the question.  It was far too late to cancel, but they were willing to slot in Monica and I in place of my parents, and that's how on March 8 we found our way on a flight to Quito, with 30 other tour-members on the North Museum (of Lancaster, Pennsylvania)'s "Ramble to the Galapagos."

Dad's now back home from re-hab, we're back home from the ramble.  I'll post some pictures.