Friday, July 1, 2011

We all packed up for our journeys.  A couple of small suitcases for Monica and Nico, and a larger one they'd be bringing to our friends in Tokyo.  Porter loaded into the van his own little suitcase plus his bike and skateboard, and a little pile of electronica - for a stay with his grandparents in Pennsylvania.

For days Nico had been anticipating jet lag by staying up and sleeping to noon, but we rousted him out.

And we left at noon for a 7:20 flight out of JFK, but the holiday weekend traffic we'd counted on was all going the other direction and we got to the airport at 3 o'clock.  Amidst the triple-parked chaos of the loading zone I gave them both hugs and counseled patience with one another.  And then Porter and I launched ourselves out toward Brooklyn along the Belt Parkway.  The city shone on this sunny day as though it was in one of those optimistic NYC-arrival scenes that movie-makers love to ladle in.

In Brooklyn's Cobble Hill we got the keys to Denver's place, and climbed to their apartment on the fourth floor.  The humans were out on a Long Island beach somewhere, but we made friends with Lester, the shaggy, unpredictable, saucer-eyed cat.  From their roof we could see the city spread out all around us.

Porter likes cities even less than I do, but Brooklyn is not the anthill that Manhattan is.  Though the air was hot it was clear, and he was content to stroll around with me.  And so we walked among the alien Brooklynites and ate their food and shared their well-lit night.