Friday, June 24, 2011

Yesterday was rainy and today is cool and damp again.  The garden plants seem to like the wet and I think if we get some sun things will pretty much explode.

I checked on the bees this morning and there was only a trickle of traffic at 10, but by noon when I checked again there was a steady flow of bees in and out.  If it's sunny this weekend I'll take another peek at the frames to see their progress.

The potatoes continue to grow, and I hope all the herbage actually translates into tubers, because they're striving to 4 feet high.  I think I read somewhere that too much nitrogen can result in big plants and small potatoes.  But I didn't fertilize unless letting the vetch get out of control counts as fertilizing.

I waded through the potatoes looking for any pests, but mostly I found predators that seem to have made the place their own jungle haunt -- harvestmen, lightning bugs, wasps.  I tipped a few tortoise beetles, and a little slug into my little freezing jar, but the plants looked pretty well patrolled.  Still feeling benevolent, I didn't molest the pair of pretty katydids that were munching one of the plants.

When you see a patch like, with all your busy predator-allies you really have to wonder why people are so quick to coat everything with pesticides.