Monday, July 29, 2013

Metz Family Reunion

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In the 1700's the Browns and Metz's were part of the westward colonization of Pennsylvania.

They settled at the tight end of Big Valley, farming the limestone fields on either side of Saddler's Run, where the long ridges of Jack's mountain and Stone mountain pinch together above the upper Juniata river.

The farms at that end of the valley are still mostly worked by their descendants.

My grandmother's grandfather, Samuel B. Metz was ancestor to many of these.  Most of his 15 children left descendants, and though they have obviously scattered far and wide from the valley, a couple hundred return every year on the last Saturday of July - as they have since the Reunion tradition started over 60 years ago.

They bring a covered dish, eat, fellowship, and stay for the dance.

Em Brown, the hostess
Boys gather on a fence like starlings

T. Ray checks out the grimy paw of great grandnephew, Leo

Susan keeps the tree updated
Dick Brown chats with his old babysitter, Naoma
Girls getting ready for the square dance

Cathleen, Chris, myself and Monica

Bea Brown


Volleyball happens in the hayfield

The barn dance begins

Scott and Emily Brown's barn, built in 1820, restored in 1919.

Photos by A. Brown and Kim Brown