Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The downside to bees.

I don't tend to react much to bee stings -- at least when they come one at a time.  But if I get 3 or 4 stings they hurt more and swell more.

Nico says it looks like a tiny hummingbird,
but it's not - it's a stinger
Apparently, it's cumulative.   I've been stung 4 times in a little over a week.  First on my eyelid, then a few days later on my scalp.  One more under my chin, and Sunday one flew up and nailed me on that same eyelid.  

I couldn't scrape the barb out, so against all advice and common sense I tweezered it -- ensuring myself a full dose of venom.

These bees have been less placid and more irascible than last years' - disturbed perhaps by their move and by the dreary weather.  

Can you tell which eye got stung?
Or maybe there are just a minority of asshole bees in the mix.  It will be four or five weeks before I know what kind of personality my bees have.  These workers out today are not necessarily related to the queen.  They are just bees tossed together to form an artificial swarm.  In three weeks, new bees will begin emerging and replacing the old guard.

By six weeks after arrival, the new colonies will be established.  And they better start treating their beekeeper right.