Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Two new kittens have moved in -- the gray one, Haru, and the younger black one, who hasn't settled on a name yet.  Our grumpy old cat, Chloe, just as she did when Wilbur arrived, moved outside for a week.  But now it's been raining and she can be spotted once in a while slinking by or growling menacingly at one of the kittens.

We've considered Aye-Aye, Snowball, Cole, Kaboodle, Ash, Gatico, or Steve.

Anyone have any good name suggestions?


Prince Haru's name has stuck.
Porter wanted to name the black one Medallion (for a white spot on his throat) and the rest of us accommodated that by calling him Leon.

So, welcome to Haru and Leon.