Saturday, September 7, 2013

Blackcurrant liqueur


The blackcurrant liqueur experiment seems to have been a success.  I finally got around to squeezing the berry-vodka mix through a cheesecloth, and stirred in a couple spoonfuls of sugar.  (I prefer my liqueurs on the less sweet side.)  It's really very nice and Monica and I shared the bit that didn't fit into this antique bottle.

(As for the blackcurrant jam I also attempted back in July -- the flavor is wonderful, but the cooking wasn't long enough to break down the berries obviously, because they are still a little too sturdy to spread.  Still, I'll count that one a success as well.)

And as an extra bonus, the kimchi that had been fermenting in the cellar the whole time we were gone came out delicious as well - spicy and tender and alive - and I had to dig up potatoes to accompany it for dinner.

Time to set the next one into motion . . .