Friday, May 14, 2010

On May 5th, Denver's 5-year old daughter, Maybelle, said, 

"it's always a little chilly when I walk to school in the morning, because the weather is just getting used to being the weather again."

And he wrote a drowning ghazal for her . . . .

the weather is getting used to being the weather again
the birds are getting used to their wings and feathers again

your coat is on the door knob  your bag is in the hall
the shoes just remembered that they’re leather again

see  the sun didn’t drown   it’s back for another day
we said goodnight just as the moon was un-tethered again

I make you breakfast and kiss you into day
now that the dawn and we are brethren again

after this dream and that  after these dreams and those
Maybelle, I’m just getting used to being Denver again

Denver Butson