Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ed at Gin and Tacos goes on an entertaining tirade about privileged, (conservative) whites who seem to delight so much in their ludicrous claims of victimhood.  (Students complaining about the "death tax" set him off.)

Maybe it's only a psycho-babble replacement for our abandonment of Hell as a cultural consolation, but I think that privilege and oppression must take their toll on the oppressors.  I think it puts a kind of cap on how self-actualized you can be.  Self-delusion definitely works for many people and I can't claim their happiness and self-satisfaction is anything but genuine.  But those are people of limited souls.  To be a full human being you have to actually see the world around you with less delusion — and that's not compatible with much of the conservative   boilerplate about how abused and misunderstood well-off white males are.  It may not be compatible with privilege at all.

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  1. OH God - those middle aged white males again. Their time is coming. It's inevitable and that's why they're running scared.