Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Guy McPherson writes a thought-provoking doomer blog, whose subheading reads, "Humans have tinkered with the natural world since we appeared on the evolutionary stage.  Our days may be numbered.  As the home team, Nature bats last."

The collapse of the age of oil, and our utter inability to prepare for the approaching calamity sets the stage for a new ascendancy of nature and for the exit of humans from center stage and perhaps an exit from the stage altogether.  In offering an alternative to Guy's baseball metaphors, I wrote in the comments:

"Here’s an alternative metaphor if only loosely sports related: The Donner Party combination pie and hotdog eating contest. Had to be called off with a few contestants still eating because the food was sadly all gone. But no worries, the weather’s changing and it looks like there’ll be plenty of snow to eat."

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